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Week 5 NFL and Hawkeyes vs. Michigan

Posted on: October 8, 2009 10:56 pm
We've all heard it and even seen it with almost every sport thought of and its when one team always seems to play at the level of their competition.  I've seen teams with good records do it and teams with bad records do it.  Either way, it don't matter cause it just bugs the hell out of me how a team with a lot of talent can lose the games they should win and win the games they should lose.

I don't care that the Broncos were undefeated and the Cowboys had the one loss to the Giants going into the game last Sunday.  I don't care that the game was in Denver.  I don't care if the Broncos defense was ranked #1.  The Cowboys should have still defeated a Kyle Orton led Broncos offense with their defense.... but they didn't.  Even my 9 year old son blew up at the TV when Romo threw his the interception late in the game.  For the first time, I heard him yell about how bad Romo was. 

Personally, I think if there wasn't as much media, there wouldn't be as much hype about Romo and his care-free approach.  It's not just him and it begins with the owner and his inability to get a head coach in there that can run an offense consistently with discipline.  Some of Phillips play-calling is incredible which will always keep them playing at the level of their competition.  So, the media has put all this pressure on Romo when the pressure and therefore hotseat should be for Phillips.  With the talent that he has been blessed with on that team over the last 3 years, his winning percentage should not be on the decline.  Where does it end?  Like I said, it should end where it starts...Jones being more interested in Hollywood type production than Super Bowl Team production.

Got to shout out to Kirk Ferentz and the Hawks this week for their homecoming game Saturday night against the Wolverines.  Scares me that the Hawks are an 8 point favorite...this is another team that for 4 of their 5 games have played to the level of their competition.  Although, the smaller division school of the Panthers (UNI) have one of the best FCS teams in the country and it was no fluke that they almost (and should have) beat the Hawks.  They would give many D-1 schools a similar fight this year.  I knew I should have taken the points that Ark. St. was being given last week...if I were a bettin man.  That said, I like the Hawks to win this week on primetime television for the second time in 3 weeks...but I think it will be closer than 8 points.  Stanzi still worries me a little.  So just hope they keep running the ball with their tandem of freshman running backs in Wegher and Robinson. 

Maniack Out!
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